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Behavior-Changing In-Home ABA Therapy

Difficult behavior is often a way that autism expresses itself in children. At Healy Behavioral Services, we know that therapy for behavior issues can sometimes be more effective in a child's home rather than in an office. As such, we provide in-home ABA therapy to help manage troublesome behavior.

Therapy with a Personal Approach

ABA to some can feel robotic, but we take a personal approach. Our approach takes into consideration how an autism diagnosis affects the whole family, as well as the child. Play, social interaction, and a trusting relationship are important parts of behavior intervention for autism.

Skill Improvement Is the Goal

Skilled behavior technicians work with the children with autism in the home and in the community to increase age-appropriate skills and decrease problematic behaviors. 

A Team Effort

Under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, home ABA therapy is designed to meet each child's needs. The BCBA works with all members of the child's team, including their parents, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and school.

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